How to remove perfume stains

Have you ever had a sock or shirt smell strange after wearing it for a while? This is because perspiration and body odor are mixed together to create that peculiar chemical smell. Now, imagine if this happened to your clothing all the time! It can be quite embarrassing when you forget to take your perfume with you and then get caught in the act.

Like most things in life, there are good and bad ways of doing things. One of the bad habits that many people enjoy is perfuming their clothing. However, this practice has some unpleasant consequences. When you wear perfume, it leaves small molecules called “residues” on your skin and clothes. These residues can cause irritation and redness, as well as body odor!

If you want to remove perfume stains from fabric, there are several different methods that you can try. Most involve hot water and some form of soap. Some people also recommend using ammonia or hydrogen peroxide to get tougher stains out of clothes. Whichever method you choose, remember to use caution when applying it; perfume is a powerful scent, and overuse could damage your clothes or skin!

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Perfumes can enhance our personal style and leave a lasting impression. However, accidents happen, and perfume stains can occur when we least expect them. The good news is that with the right techniques, you can easily remove perfume stains and enjoy your favorite garments once again.

Sponge with Cool Water

One of the simplest ways to tackle perfume stains is by sponging the affected area with cool water. Start by soaking or sponging the stain in cool water to prevent it from setting. Then, apply a small amount of detergent directly to the stain and gently rub it in. Afterward, launder the garment as you normally would, following the care instructions provided.

Soak in Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is a versatile household ingredient that can effectively eliminate perfume stains. Create a vinegar solution by combining 1 quart of warm water, 1/2 teaspoon of detergent, and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Soak the stained area in this solution for approximately 15 minutes. After soaking, rinse the fabric with water. If the stain persists, sponge the area with rubbing alcohol, rinse thoroughly, and proceed with laundering.

Use Glycerin

Glycerin is a gentle yet powerful solution for removing perfume stains. Begin by flushing the stain with water to dilute it. Then, add a few drops of glycerin directly onto the stain and gently dab it to cover the affected area. Rinse the stain with water and observe as the perfume stain gradually fades away.

Vinegar Solution

Another effective method involves blotting the perfume stain with a white paper towel to remove any excess moisture. Next, prepare a vinegar solution by mixing 1/3 cup of white vinegar with 2/3 cup of water. Saturate the stained spot using a spray bottle filled with the vinegar solution. Afterward, gently blot the area to remove any excess moisture. If you prefer using a detergent/vinegar solution, sponge the stained area with cold water and blot it dry.

Detergent Solution

Using a detergent solution is an excellent approach to combat perfume stains. Start by pretreating the stain with a small amount of liquid dishwashing detergent. Apply the detergent directly to the stain and allow it to sit for approximately 5 minutes. Then, rinse the stained area with warm water. For colored items, it is advisable to wash them in the warmest water recommended on the care label, using detergent and Clorox2 if necessary. Finally, allow the garment to air dry.

Check Care Labels and Test Methods

Before attempting any stain removal technique, it’s crucial to check the care label on your clothing. Different fabrics require specific care instructions, and it’s essential to follow them to avoid damaging the fabric further. Additionally, it is always recommended to test any stain removal method on a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric first to ensure it doesn’t cause any adverse effects.


Perfume stains can be frustrating, but with the right approach, you can successfully eliminate them. From sponging with cool water to using vinegar and glycerin solutions, you have a range of methods at your disposal. Remember to always consider the fabric type and follow the care instructions provided. By doing so, you can say goodbye to perfume stains and enjoy your fresh and clean garments once again.


Q1: Can I use hot water to remove perfume stains? A1: It is generally recommended to use cool water when dealing with perfume stains. Hot water may set the stain further and make it more challenging to remove.

Q2: Will vinegar bleach my colored clothes? A2: When used in moderation and properly diluted, vinegar should not bleach or damage colored clothing. However, it is always advisable to test any cleaning method on a small area first to be safe.

Q3: Can I use perfume stain removal methods on delicate fabrics? A3: Delicate fabrics require extra care. It is best to consult a professional or follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to avoid damaging delicate fabrics.

Q4: How long should I let the glycerin sit on the stain? A4: Apply a few drops of glycerin to the stain and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. The glycerin helps break down the perfume stain, and a short period of contact is usually sufficient.

Q5: What if the perfume stain doesn’t come out completely? A5: If the stain persists, you may need to repeat the stain removal process or consider seeking professional help, especially for valuable or delicate items.

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